Tired of your outdated, worn-out dining table or coffee table? Don’t throw it out! With some clever DIY tricks, you can upcycle that old table into a gorgeous new statement piece that looks like it came straight from a high-end furniture store. Read on to learn how!

Upcycling old tables is a budget-friendly way to get beautiful furniture that fits your personal style. Plus, giving used goods a new life keeps them out of landfills. In this article, you’ll discover easy upcycle ideas for dining tables, coffee tables, console tables, and more that you can DIY even without woodworking skills. Let’s transform your home!

What Kind of Table Should You Upcycle?

When considering a table upcycling project, look for pieces made of high-quality wood like oak, teak, walnut, or maple. Solid wood with attractive grain patterns will give the best final look. Stay away from particleboard or veneers, which are difficult to work with.

What style of table needs a makeover? Possibilities are endless, but some good candidates are:

  • Oval, rectangle, or round dining tables
  • Square or rectangle coffee tables
  • Console tables for entryways
  • Side tables or nightstands
  • Old kitchen tables

Make sure to inspect the existing table for damage before getting started. Wobbly legs or deep scratches will take more work to fix.

How Do You Upcycle a Table?

The basic process for table upcycling includes:

  1. Cleaning: Remove dirt, grime, old finishes, nails, and hardware.
  2. Repairs: Fix splits, tighten joints, and replace broken parts.
  3. Sanding: Smooth out the old stain or paint so the new finish adheres.
  4. Staining/Painting 5. Adding Hardware: New table legs, knobs, handles, etc. to change style
  5. Protective Topcoat: Polyurethane, epoxy resin, wax, etc.

With these basics, you can create almost any upcycled table look imaginable. Get creative with wood burning, decoupage, tile, or metal accents. The possibilities are endless!

What Supplies Do You Need to Upcycle a Table?

To transform a tired old table, gather supplies like:

  • Sandpaper: an orbital sander makes quick work.
  • Wood filler, wood glue
  • Stain, paint, and colored wax
  • New table legs or pedestals
  • Decorative hardware: knobs, pulls, and hinges
  • Protective topcoat: polyurethane, epoxy
  • Paint brushes, foam brushes
  • Drop cloths for the mess!

Easy DIY Dining Table Ideas

Tired of the dated look of your dining set? With some effort and imagination, you can give it an incredible makeover.

Transform a Basic Table into a Showstopper

Does your dining table get the job done but lack pizzazz? Replace a basic 4-leg table base with a beautiful pedestal base for a quick upgrade. Add shaped aprons along the edges or decorative corbels under the tabletop to take the style up another notch.

Weathered Farmhouse Table

A timeworn farmhouse table is a perennial favorite look. To get the rustic weathered effect without years of exposure to the elements, lightly sand the tabletop and legs to reveal the natural woodgrain. Use a gray wood stain or whitewash paint treatment for a “reclaimed” style table with lots of character.

Modern Epoxy River Table

Get a sleek, contemporary glass-smooth tabletop in vivid colors by coating your sanded and sealed table with clear epoxy resin. You can incorporate eye-catching extras like LED lights or broken colored glass filler into the liquid resin before it dries for an even more wow factor.

Coffee Table Upcycle Ideas

Coffee tables see a lot of wear and tear. Revive a scruffy table with these easy makeovers:

Storage Table Transformation

Liven up a battered oak coffee table by giving it a bright, glossy paint job in a fun color like mint green. Replace the missing hardware with shiny gold knobs. And check out online tutorials to add storage cubbies or drawers inside for remote controls, coasters, and more.

Tile-Top Table

A mosaic tile tabletop instantly classifies up a tired table, no matter the style. Blue and green glass tiles arranged in waves or splashes of geometric patterns look especially striking against a white painted base. Use mastic adhesive to attach tile pieces, then grout as the finishing touch.

Trunk Table Coffee Table

For bohemian flair, cut an antique wooden trunk in half horizontally to create unique HIS and HER coffee tables. Layer on the charm by lining the inside of the trunk with vintage maps, postcards, or sheet music before sealing and topping with a frosted glass tabletop. Add wrought iron legs or casters to elevate your creative trunk tables.

More Upcycling Possibilities

Dining tables and coffee tables aren’t the only pieces that deserve upgrades. Almost any table is a blank canvas, just waiting for your imagination and effort.

Kids Coloring Table

Make an ordinary table something special for art time with the kids. Paint the tabletop with blackboard paint so mini Picassos have a place to colorfully create masterpieces with chalk. Stencil patterns add extra flair.

Playful Pet Table

Pamper your furry friends with a fun table just for them. Look for a table with raised edges to corral spilled water and food. Then paint or decoupage the top with your pet’s name, surrounded by bones, pawprints, or fish.

Romantic Nightstand Makeover

Reinvent plain square night tables as sweet, shabby chic pieces. Paint them Robin’s egg blue, then decorate the tabletop edges with delicate white lace for an ornate, romantic look. Pretty crystal drop pulls on the drawers add beautiful bling.

With a little effort and imagination, the possibilities are endless for upcycling tired old tables into fabulous functional furnishings. What hidden treasures will you uncover in local thrift stores or in your basement to transform?

Quick Tips to Remember

Ready to grab an old table and start your upcycling adventure? Keep these key tips in mind:

  • Inspect wood quality; solid wood is best.
  • Clean thoroughly before starting repairs.
  • Sand smooth for paint or stain adhesion.
  • Paint first, then add decorative details.
  • Seal it with a protective topcoat for durability.
  • Work slowly, and let the products fully dry.
  • Add both form and function with storage.

Breathe new life into tired tables! Show off your upcycling skills with gorgeous yet affordable dining tables, coffee tables, consoles, and more so that you can stylishly revive yourself. Surprise your guests with custom furniture that looks high-end but is all your own handiwork.

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