Introduction Upcycling old, repurposed furniture is a great way to give it new life while saving money and reducing waste. Chests of drawers are particularly good candidates for DIY upcycling projects. By repainting, restaining, or adding unique decorative touches, you can transform a run-down old dresser into a stylish centerpiece.

This article will provide tips on selecting a good chest of drawers tutorial for an upcycle, preparing and repairing it, paint techniques to use, functional repurposing ideas, and style inspiration. Read on to learn how to turn forgotten drawers into beautiful, repurposed showstoppers!

8 Creative Ways to Upcycle a Chest of Drawers

There are so many possibilities when upcycling a chest of drawers! Here are 8 fun and unique DIY makeover ideas to inspire you:

  1. Stenciled Chest of Drawers: Add bold patterns or shapes using stencils and paint.
  2. Wood Shim Dresser: Cover the dresser in wooden shims for a
  3. cool geometric texture.
  4. Mirror Front Dresser: Attach mirrors to the drawer fronts on a storage chest for glamorous storage.
  5. Ombre Painted Drawers: Graduate the paint shades from light to dark for an ombre look.
  6. Decoupage Dresser: Use decoupage paper to add color, prints, and even book pages!
  7. Lace Dresser: Accent with lace trim details on the edges and hardware.
  8. Striped Chest of Drawers: Use painter’s tape to create perfect stripes.
  9. Textured Chest of Drawers: Add texture medium into the paint for sand, pebbly, metallic, etc. effects.

Planning Your Chest of Drawers Upcycling Project

Doing the prep work is key to a successful upcycled chest of drawers project. Here is what you need to consider for your DIY tutorial:

  • Assess the condition of the chest of drawers and repair structural issues
  • Determine the design style and look you wish to achieve
  • Carefully select paints, finishes, accessories, and materials
  • Ensure you have the right tools for sanding, painting, and staining
  • Set up your workspace safely for the makeover steps

Researching ideas and setting a budget will allow your creativity to shine!

Preparing and Repairing Your Chest of Drawers

Proper prepwork and the correct grit save time and give better results later when upcycling a dresser chest of drawers.

  • Clean thoroughly with TSP substitute to remove dirt and oil
  • Fill holes, cracks and sand rough areas
  • Tighten joints and replace broken slats
  • Prime drawers before painting for better adhesion
  • Add hardware reinforcements,, like drawer slides,, as needed

Address repairs in this order: structural, sanding/filler, priming, then decorative elements. This prevents having to redo work along the way.

Refurbishing an Old Chest of Drawers

Taking a damaged or dated chest of drawers and giving it new life is so satisfying! With some elbow grease and creativity, that old dresser can become a true showpiece.

Assessing Condition and Planning Design

Start by examining the chest of drawers for flaws needing repair—are drawers intact? Is the frame sturdy? Look closely at the timber and drawer fronts on a storage chest to gauge the need for sanding or stripping work. Decide on an upcycle design scheme that works with the dresser’s existing features.

Will you go modern or mid-century? What color palette suits the room’s decor? Contrasting painted drawers? Unique artistic touches like decoupage or lace trim accents? By tailoring it to the chest you are revamping, your DIY upcycled furniture project will have a cohesive style.

Prepping and Transforming an Eyesore Into a Showstopper

Proper sanding and cleaning makes for better paint adhesion when upcycling. Remove any chalk paint or wallpaper still clinging to the wood. invest in quality primers, paints, stains, and sealants. Patiently apply multiple coats to achieve smooth, consistent coverage and vibrant color.

Then come the fun creative parts, like adding metallic details, unique knobs, handpainting, barn door-style fronts made from reclaimed wood, etc. The “makeover magic” truly comes alive in these final beautifying steps! Soon that worn-out chest of drawers is ready for “itscloseup”—glammed up with new personality and purpose thanks to your vision and effort!

Paint Techniques for Upcycling

Painted furniture is very popular for upcycled makeovers. Consider these painting tips:

  • The type of paint or varnish used impacts the finisheded result.
  • For a distressed look, chip away some of the final paint layers.
  • Metallic paints add a touch of glam!
  • Contrast paint colors for accent drawers or frames
  • Carefully apply painter’s tape for crisp stripes or patterns.
  • Emulsion wax over chalk paint gives it a silky finish.

Sealing the paint properly helps it withstand wear. Polyurethane, paste wax, and acrylic sealing sprays are good options.

Upcycling a Vintage Chest of Drawers

Breathing new life into a run-down antique dresser is extremely rewarding. Start by removing the hardware and fully stripping the unit down to the bare wood. Address any structural repairs needed to solid wood pieces or drawer runners before decorative work begins.

Once sanded smooth, apply primer, then your choice of chalk paint or colored stains. Two coats are ideal for an even, vibrant finish. Fancy up with new crystal knobs, handpainted floral motifs, or metallic paint accents.

Add interest by giving selected Drawer fronts on a storage chest unique treatments like wallpaper or lace. Contrast against others left stripped down, showing the aged wood’s natural beauty. With some inspiration and elbow grease, that forgotten chest can be upcycled into a true gem!

Functional Repurposing Ideas

An upcycled chest of drawers can be styled in many ways:

  • Entryway storage bench with lid and cubbies
  • Entertainment center or TV stand
  • Bathroom sink stand or towel organizer
  • Bedside night table with charging station
  • Kitchen spice and utensil organizer

Consider how to best customize the internal structure, shelves, and compartments to suit its new purpose.

Style Ideas and Decorating Tips

These ideas can help decorate your renewed vintage chest of drawers:

  • Show off the upcycle with clean walls and neutral bedding.
  • Contrast modern handles with traditional carvings.
  • Attach lighting strips to illuminate the display space.
  • Suspend drawer pull-backs with a chain or rope.
  • Use as a bar cart with wine glass racks atop

The “wow” factor is in the details! Add trim, hardware, and paint techniques to take a basic dresser into showstopper territory.

Conclusion Upcycling tired old furniture into new showpieces is extremely rewarding. By following these tips on preparing, repairing, painting, and decorating a chest of drawers, you can let your creativity shine. Soon you’ll have a stylish storage solution or stunning accent piece tailored to your space. Ready to get started? Just gather your materials and transform those old drawers!

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