Magnet fishing is the exciting hobby of using strong magnets to find metallic objects in waterways. By casting out a magnet on a rope, magnet fishers can retrieve all kinds of lost treasures from rivers, canals, lakes, and oceans. It’s like an underwater Easter egg hunt! However, without the proper magnet fishing gear, this fun activity can be dangerous or disappointing. Having the right equipment enhances safety, makes finding easier, and improves your overall magnet fishing experience dramatically. In this article, we’ll go through the must-have magnet fishing tools recommended by the pros that every beginner should have in their arsenal.

Essential Magnet Fishing Gear


The most important piece of gear in magnet fishing is obviously the magnet. When just starting out, beginners should look for neodymium magnets, which offer the best strength-to-weight ratio for hobbyists. Magnets made from neodymium alloy can lift up to over 600 lbs!

In terms of rating, a good starting point is a single-sided neodymium fishing magnet with at least an N42 or N45 grade. This provides enough power to haul in finds from the bottom without being too unwieldy for rookies. Expect to spend $50 and up for a quality starter magnet.

You’ll also want a magnet with an eye bolt attached to facilitate connecting your rope. The diameter, usually between 15mm and 100mm, determines the surface area. Larger diameters gather more scattered items across wider swaths of riverbed. However, they’re heavier to retrieve. For versatility, a 70mm or 80mm magnet is recommended.

Ropes and Retrieval Tools

The rope is what connects your magnet to you. Paracord is a durable and affordable option. Select a high-visibility color like yellow or orange so it’s easy to spot your rig in the water. The standard length is usually 100 feet, which allows ample slack for casting and dragging your magnet across bottom contours.

Metal retrieval tools like grappling hooks come in handy for snagging objects too heavy for your magnet alone and dislodging finds wedged in debris. Carabiners allow you to easily detach lines from magnets when hoisting up larger hauls. Have a few of varying weight loads available.

Safety Equipment

Magnet fishing does carry inherent risks. Wearing protective gloves keeps your hands safe from jagged, grimy objects and any chemicals present. Cut- and puncture-proof options are best.

Similarly, goggles or glasses shield your eyes from flying debris that may get churned up or loose rust shaken off. A basic first aid kit also proves useful for minor cuts, though seek medical attention for more serious lacerations.

For any submerged artifacts that could be volatile, call local authorities before attempting removal!

Storage and Cleaning Tools

Proper storage for your recovered treasures preserves them until you can clean and inspect them. A waterproof toolbox or fishing tackle box with adjustable dividers lets you organize items based on size, type, or delicacy. Padded bags and plastic storage containers also work to protect delicate relics.

Before displaying anything, give your haul a good cleaning. Have various wire brushes on hand to carefully scrape off mud, grime, and caked-on gunk. For sensitive materials like coins or jewelry, an ultrasonic cleaner filled with distilled water safely cleans without damage.

Keep some white vinegar and lemon juice handy, too. Their slight acidity helps dissolve mineral build-up and rust residue. For removing verdigris from copper and bronze, baking soda, salt, and flour make a non-abrasive scrub.

Once restored, your recently revived historical finds make excellent mantelpieces or can be sold online to offset this rewarding hobby!

Additional Useful Gear

Photography and Documentation Tools

A waterproof or protective camera lets you photograph your epic catches to share on social media or keep a visual record of what you drag up. GoPros and smartphones work great and fit right on your gear rig.

Document each item discovered by jotting down specifics in a dedicated magnet fishing field journal. Note retrieval dates, locations, depths, descriptions, and any standout qualities. This creates a log for each outing.

Inclement Weather Gear

Don’t let bad weather spoil your magnet fishing plans! Pack a set of waders and waterproof pants to stay warm and dry even when getting into the drink. Quick-dry shirts and a windbreaker jacket also help make foul weather more bearable.

A pop-up portable canopy provides shelter from the elements, so you can fish in the rain without soaking all your gear. Stash a dry change of clothes in waterproof bags too, just in case.

Tracking Devices

Knowing the exact spot you made that big catch helps when magnet fishing new areas or tracing back to previous success zones. GPS devices specifically made for marine use can map locations and log coordinates underwater.

For fishing buddies, handheld radios allow communication from opposing banks or when one person wants to venture deeper downstream alone. Smartphone apps likewise assist in mapping finds, sharing notes, and rapidly looking up details on specific discoveries.

Final Considerations Before Starting

The world of magnetic fishing equipment can seem daunting to newcomers. When buying your starter gear, set a reasonable budget and don’t overspend on fancy accessories yet. Build up the essentials first. Buying cheaper enables you to upgrade later once you know what works best for your fishing style.

Above all, exercise caution when magnet fishing. Don’t tie lines to your wrist or waist. Practice proper throwing and pulling techniques. Steer clear of restricted areas, and never magnetize fish alone. Memorize emergency numbers in case anything is lodged with you by accident. Safety takes precedence when indulging in this exciting hobby!

Having the proper magnet fishing gear makes all the difference between a fun, rewarding hobby and a serious safety liability. Follow these magnet fishing equipment recommendations from the experts to make your adventures memorable for all the right reasons. Proper gear allows you to maximize your discoveries while staying secure. So get out there and start fishing!

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