Soar into a winter wonderland. Feel the thrill of sub-zero air whipping past as you free fall through the sky before your paraglider catches the whisper-soft thermals. Imagine jumping off the Mountain of God on the highest mountain range on Earth—breakfasting among Himalayan giants spilled in powdered sugar snow. Or dance with the emerald shimmers in the icy sky over Iceland while aerial displays of the Northern Lights caress your canopy. There’s magic glinting in the ferocity of the icy wind, and it’s time you let it sweep you off your feet.

The European Alps

Nestled within the snow-laden peaks of the European Alps lies a paragliding paradise that truly sparkles once the bitter cold sets in. Crisp air, striking vistas, and an adrenaline rush like nowhere else make this frosty mountain range a coveted destination for cold-weather flying.

Chamonix, France

Boasting arresting views of Western Europe’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc, it’s no wonder Chamonix draws adventure enthusiasts year-round. But winter transforms this mecca for extreme sports into a wonderland tailor-made for paragliding pleasures. Glaciers glimmer, ice climbers scale frozen waterfalls, and the valley fills with frost fly-ins and annual competitions like the Winter X-Pyr. Experienced pilots relish the chance to soar above snow-blanketed forests before touching down for a warm vin chaud in this iconic Alpine basecamp. On a clear day during the peak season from December to February, you can fly high above the picture-perfect peaks before winding between the spires and dizzying pinnacles of Aiguille du Midi.

Jungfrau Region, Switzerland

Across the Alps lies another renowned winter wonderland for intrepid paragliding pilots—the Jungfrau region in the heart of the Bernese Oberland. While summer attracts hikers and sightseers to the mountain shelters along the valley floor, winter opens up this snow globe scene as an off-the-beaten-path flying hotspot. Bid the crowds adieu and head to car-free mountaintops like Mürren to encounter heavenly thermals rising from the Aletsch Glacier, the longest ice stream in Europe. Or soar silently above picture-postcard mountain villages during an exhilarating flight from First to Schilthorn Peak, home to Piz Gloria revolving restaurant and James Bond fame. Endless vistas of shimmering Alpine giants like the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau add to the majesty as you float above this white kingdom of ice, rock, and adrenaline. Just be mindful of fickle winter winds and prepare properly before embarking on this high-cold-weather flying adventure. It may be chilly outside, but the landscape will leave you breathless.


The Nordic lands of Norway and Iceland bring an entirely different winter charm – think snow-dusted peaks plummeting into the sea, volcanic vistas bathed in an ethereal glow, and the chance to chase your own Northern Lights display from high above the Arctic Circle.


Blessed by the warm Norwegian current, Norway boasts milder winters, perfect for taking in the breathtaking beauty of this seaside slice of Scandi from a bird’s eye view. Barrel down from mountaintop launch sites before cruising the powder-coated cliffs and glacial fingers of the Geirangerfjord or Hardangervidda plateau. Skim weightlessly across glassy lakes like mirrors before winding through village dotted valleys. Or ascend over the village of Loen for the ultimate kick – paragliding heaven in sight of the mighty Jostedalsbreen, the largest glacier in continental Europe. Just be sure to keep an eye on rapidly changing conditions near the sea. Before you know it, you’ll feel the brisk sea breeze as you sail smoothly over snow-cloaked valleys straight out of a fairy tale.


Meanwhile, Iceland’s otherworldly winter landscape proves an incredible backdrop for those keen to take their frost flying to the extreme. Rugged peaks, glittering glacier lagoons, thunderous waterfalls frozen mid-drop – experience it all while harnessing strong coastal winds that deliver the ultimate adrenaline rush. Fly above places with unpronounceable names like Skaftafell before attempting to land on the normally off-limits Vatnajökull ice cap (only recommended for experts). And as night falls? Find a cozy spot to stargaze in hopes of catching the dazzling, undulating hues of the Aurora Borealis – sightings peak in winter! Just be prepared for challenging conditions and avoid venturing inland unless you’re ready to be battered by katabatic gusts surging down from Iceland’s unforgiving glacier-strewn interior.

Around the World

For cold-weather pilots craving an even more extreme adventure, locales scattered across the globe promise exceptional winter flying opportunities unmatched anywhere else. Prepare to be awestruck gliding over frosted peaks, glistening wilderness, and even surreal Arctic phenomena in these premier paragliding destinations.

Himalayas, Nepal/India

Home to Earth’s mightiest mountains, like Everest and Annapurna, the Himalayan peaks deliver an unrivaled high-altitude winter wonderland. Launching from untouched hill stations and valleys buried in glacier-fed powder, each exhale frosts in the thin air as you fly silently past white giants glittering under the bright winter sun. Catch thermals rising from the depths of the world’s deepest valley to ascend the staggering heights of the Great Himalaya range. With few other souls braving the extreme cold at this altitude,prepare for a profound solitude—it’s just you, the whistle of wind past your ears, and the hushed glory of the planet’s most divine icy fortress.

Alaska, USA

For a quintessential winter flying safari, Alaska’s snow-cloaked wilderness calls. Carved by emerald rivers and glacier-fed lakes, they soar above bald eagles gliding through valleys dense with snow-heavy pines. FindLaunch sites scattered outside Anchorage or deep in the uninhabited expanse of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park for the ultimate cold-weather airborne adventure. Follow frozen rivers snaking through the frigid Fairbanks frontier or the sublime sea-to-sky vistas along the Inside Passage. Just be sure to harness the power of those strong winter winds blowing in from the Bering Sea; they’ll swiftly carry you over some of North America’s most stunning winter scenery, where wolves, moose, and maybe even the Northern Lights roam under late afternoon skies.

Additional Tips for Cold Weather Flying

Before strapping in and taking the polar plunge into cold weather paragliding, understanding key safety considerations is a must. Proper training specifically for sub-zero flights will equip you to read conditions, launch and land appropriately, and handle emergencies should weather take an unexpected turn. Choose quality cold weather gear to prevent deadly exposure or frostbite. Balance keeping weight minimal with packing essentials like an insulated reserve chute, additional clothing layers, and an emergency transceiver. Study forecasted wind patterns like katabatic flows and integrate backup plans for potential hazards like fast-accumulating snow. And above all, avoid unnecessary risks and call off the flight if conditions seem questionable. Remember, no view or personal record is worth jeopardizing safety; even the most glorious winter wonderland will be waiting once the conditions align for an epic yet prudent cold-air adventure!

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