With its towering Alpine peaks, deep valleys, glaciers, and clear blue lakes, Switzerland is a paradise for adventure lovers. And one of the best ways to take in the stunning Swiss scenery is by paraglider. Floating high over the Bernese Alps, Matterhorn, and lakes of southern Switzerland allows breathtaking bird’s-eye views. From world-famous spots like the Jungfrau region to charming resort towns like Locarno, Switzerland offers some of Europe’s prime locations for paragliding and hang gliding. This article explores the top paragliding sites around Switzerland to delight even seasoned thrill-seekers with glorious alpine panoramas. We’ll span from the central peaks to lesser-known pockets where adventurous spirits can ride thermals over some of the earth’s most picturesque landscapes.

Interlaken – Gateway to the Bernese Alps

Nestled between two shimmering Alpine lakes, Interlaken offers convenient access to some of Switzerland’s best paragliding in the peaks of the Bernese Alps.

Soaring Above Grindelwald’s Cliffs

Just a half hour away, take off from the sheer cliffs ringing Grindelwald with an eagle’s-eye view over the Lütschine river’s snaking path through the valley floor below.

Car-Free Flights over Mürren and Gimmelwald

Reach launch points above the peaceful pedestrian villages of Mürren and Gimmelwald for flights overlooking the dramatic plunging waterfalls and cliffsides of Lauterbrunnen Valley.

Sunset Views Over Lake Brienz

As the sun nears the horizon, paragliders launch from Beatenberg on Lake Brienz for serene sunset flights capped with the fiery alpenglow kissing the Eiger, Mönch, and other iconic peaks.

Lauterbrunnen Valley – Dramatic Cliff Faces and Peaks

Carved out by ancient glaciers, the Lauterbrunnen Valley presents sheer rock faces and jagged peaks, offering epic paragliding terrain.

Peaceful Flights Over Stechelberg

Launch just outside the quiet village of Stechelberg towards the valley’s U-shaped eastern cliffs and hanging glaciers for a powerful adrenaline rush paired with peaceful surroundings below.

Iconic Backdrops from Schilthorn

Take off from Mürren or head up to the Schilthorn peak itself for unforgettable flights towards Birg with the needling Eiger, Mönch, and other famous North faces as your backdrop.

Jungfrau Massif Up Close

Get an eagle’s perspective of the soaring Trümmelbach waterfall’s thundering cascades and the Jungfrau massif’s ice-covered saddle between the Mönch and Jungfrau peaks for flights etched forever in your memory.

Zermatt & the Matterhorn – Paragliding in View of an Icon 

Flying high above Switzerland’s renown mountaineering mecca of Zermatt provides the double thrill of epic flights and views of the one and only Matterhorn. Take off from launch points like Schwarzsee, with 8000′ descent routes offering non-stop views of the Monte Rosa massif’s glaciated summits soaring at over 15,000 feet. Catch the Gornergrat’s panoramas of the furrowed crevasses of the Gorner Glacier and the sheer Hornli ridge forming the Matterhorn’s iconic pyramidal profile. For true feats of daring and skill, exchange height for distance by carving turns along the east face of the Matterhorn itself. With high alpine conditions creating smooth updrafts, thermal triggers at every crag, and seemingly endless lines down steep faces, Zermatt delivers altitude-fueled adventures with no shortage of iconic alpine eye candy.

Vercorin – Off the Beaten Path with Stunning Vistas 

Tucked high in the Swiss Alps, Vercorin still flies under the radar as a top paragliding destination, despite its wealth of options for flights with breathtaking views. Here, you can take advantage of the lift’s accessible launch points and excellent valley wind conditions, perfect for XC piloting. Vercorin’s remote mountain setting allows you to soar peacefully over Alpine lakes like Lac de Touvre and Lac des Vaux, with their bright turquoise waters backed by wildflower-filled meadows. After an exhilarating day of catching thermals along mountain ridges and carving turns above quaint hamlets, relax into the cozy charm of this pedestrian-only resort town. With chalet-style accommodation, a lively apres scene, and views of the glacial slopes of the Val d’Anniviers, Vercorin delivers a one-two punch of small town charm and big mountain terrain.

Locarno & Ascona – Lakeside Panoramas 

Trading lofty peaks for sweeping lake vistas, Locarno and Ascona offer smooth lifts and stunning scenery along the glittering banks of Lake Maggiore. Ride thermals up from the Cardada mountain above Locarno for sunset-chasing flights over the lake’s sun-drenched islands and bays, with extended XC possibilities weaving between Ascona’s cozy piazzas to glide over the glittering waters stretching deep into Italy. After working up an appetite, refuel with Italian gelato along the palm-lined lakeside promenade or sample Ticino specialties like polenta and merlot in an open-air cafe. With an enchanting mixture of Alpine foothills, Mediterranean climate, and Italianate culture all viewed from your paraglider drifting in the breeze over aquamarine waters, Locarno and Ascona deliver pure dolce vita in the Swiss style.

Best Times of Year for Paragliding in Switzerland

While Switzerland’s epic terrain offers world-class paragliding year-round if you catch the right conditions, late spring through fall provides the most consistent weather and lift. Summer sees peak visiting crowds, but also hot thermals and long evening flights to chase glowing sunsets behind craggy peaks. By fall, you’ll avoid summertime crowds along with the chance of strong valley winds. Catch brilliant fall foliage framing Alpine views before winter snow sets in. Whenever you choose to soar over Switzerland’s captivating landscapes of towering cliffs and icy peaks from your paraglider, preparing properly and checking conditions ensures smooth flying.

With stunning Alpine panoramas at every launch point, Switzerland promises a dream paragliding adventure for pilots at every level. Whether you’re a veteran parachutist or a beginner, don’t miss your chance to ride world-famous thermals along the steep slopes of the Swiss Alps! Start planning your mountain-flying getaway today.

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